Thank goodness for dirt buggies.

Free-running zombie game Dying Light (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) gets a major expansion in February, and the new map sounds like it would be tough to traverse on foot alone. Producer Tymon Smektala told WCCF Tech that “a quick look shows us there is enough space to take the two main maps from Dying Light and fit them into [new area] The Countryside at least twice.”

Dying Light was a surprise hit this year, with players enjoying the unique mix of parkour and survival that developer Techland — previously behind the Dead Island series — served up. Smektala promised that despite the size of the new playing area, parkour will remain a key part of The Following’s gameplay.

“There are areas of the map where parkour is still essential and a key tool to your survival,” Smektala said. “We know fans loved the parkour, so we’re making sure it’s still a crucial element. The dirt buggy is something new when it comes to getting around, while parkour will be the familiar favorite.”

Techland recently announced a price rise for Dying Light: The Following, given how large the expansion has become. Originally intended to be $15, it’ll now release for $20. It’s also included with Dying Light’s season pass, which got a price rise from $20 to $30 last week.

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