Pinterest has launched a new notification feature that will let users know when there’s a price drop for a Buyable Pin. If you follow one of these pins and the advertiser or brand that established it reduces the price listed, an email notification trigger will be activated.

Launched in June, Buyable Pins are the transactional parts of Pinterest where you can buy something directly off of the visual discovery search engine. It’s the equivalent of a “Buy Now” button on Facebook or any other website. But sometimes the price listed on these pins are too high for users, so they’ll follow the pin in the hope that the price goes down.

And brands do drop the price on pins every day — Pinterest said that it’s on the scale of more than 1 million Buyable Pins. So rather than requiring users to constantly check in to see if there’s a price change on a particular Buyable Pin, now there are notifications so people can go about their day.

The company said more than 10,000 brands are using Buyable Pins on Pinterest, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Kate Spade. Over 60 million Buyable Pins are available on the site’s home feed, search results, and the Pinterest shop, which debuted in November and showcases handpicked pins for people to peruse and buy.

To set up notifications for Buyable Pins, you’ll have to update your Pinterest iOS or Android apps first.