Search your feelings, and you might remember that Konami released a mobile Star Wars card game in 2013.

Well, that app, called Star Wars: The Force Collection, is getting new cards tomorrow based on The Force Awakens, the movie coming out that same day (which good little Jedi will see tonight if they got their tickets back in October) The Force Collection is available for iOS and Android devices. As Star Wars fans look to devour anything related to the new movie, this new content might bring some players back to the forgotten card game.

The Force Collection is also a reminder of Konami’s new strategy. Once the developer of mega franchises like Silent Hill and Castlevania, the company has had a dramatic year as it shifted away from triple-A development to focus on mobile and other entertainment ventures, like gambling.

All who log into the game will get a BB-8 card, but they can get more Force Awakens cards by buying packs. The update will also redesign the game’s home screen and update its chat system.