Star Citizen isn’t out yet, but this starfighter sim has raised more than $100 million from crowdfunding. It turns out that money doesn’t make watching someone struggle to get their computer working any less awkward.

Star Citizen director Chris Roberts decided to do a live demonstration of him playing the latest build, but things got off to a shaky start. After kicking off the broadcast and attempting to boot up the game, Roberts’ PC immediately crashed. Then, instead of cutting away, the camera stuck on the developer has someone came over and power cycled his PC. It’s … well, it’s odd.

Just watch for yourself:

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded game of all time. It has brought in so much money — primarily from selling ships that players will eventually get to use — that the studio, Roberts Space Industries, has hired actors like Mark Hamill and John Rhys-Davies to do performance capture for the story.

But some fans have started growing impatient. These people believe that Roberts is setting ambitions way higher than he originally announced, which means backers won’t get the game they put their money into in the first place. And struggling to run a livestream is probably not instilling those critics with much confidence.

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