We’ve probably all been in this situation: You’re visiting another country or even just find yourself asking someone who doesn’t have English as their primary language for directions to a restaurant, tourist attraction, or the nearest bathroom. The first reflex is to talk slower and louder, as if the hurdle to successful communication is the speed and volume of your speech. The result is usually two frustrated people laughing awkwardly at the predicament, followed by a game of Charades to try and get the message across.

Now imagine that the success of your business relied on being able to get through to this other person. Suddenly you’re not just faced with awkward laughter, but wasted time, lost revenue, or worse.

Talent Inc. is a New York-based firm that helps job seekers with career branding and resume writing. It has a staff of 30 in its main headquarters, but also takes advantage of a worldwide network of hundreds of professional writers to help the company get its message across correctly and efficiently, and it has partnered with more than 150 job boards in close to 100 countries around the globe. According to Diego Lomanto, Talent Inc.’s chief marketing officer, all of these relationships help the company offer its assistance to thousands of job seekers, but these affiliations also enable it to tailor its message and voice in cover letters, resume, and LinkedIn profiles to match regional idiosyncrasies that might exist.

“It’s such a fragmented market…no one has really been able to crack the nut on globalization in the resume-writing market up until we have,” Lomanto said. “We approached the business with localization from the beginning, because we saw it as a place where we could have a competitive advantage. Just about everything we do considers how are we going to build a very specific message to a very specific segment of people, of which the region is one of the biggest factors.”

For instance, Lomanto states that there are subtle variations around the world that it has to take into account, right down to the basic name for the paper that holds the job-seeker’s education, experience, and skills — some locales refer to it as a resume, while others call it a CV (curriculum vitae) — as well as how it might need to be structured differently depending on where it’ll be utilized. But there are also considerations Talent Inc. has to take into account for many other aspects of this extended conversation, all of which help it improve the effectiveness of its business mission.

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“How do you greet someone…do you say ‘Hello’ or ‘Cheers’? How do you sign off?,” Lomanto said. “What time zone do you communicate in? When we send e-mails out in most countries, the morning is the best time to send it, but we found that in the U.K., it’s better after work.”

Those regional considerations also extend to Talent Inc.’s customer service. Lomanto says that client satisfaction is “much, much higher when we make sure our customer-support reps cater to the different regions of the world, not communicating from one place in one style.”

Talent Inc.’s experience shows that the process of globalizing a business is more than localizing the company’s content based on strictly translating content from one language to another. Indeed, there needs to be detailed contemplation of all aspects of the business from one end to the other to make sure you’re not only speaking the customers’ language, but also so that your product’s messaging will have the maximum impact and effectiveness everywhere you’re going to be providing your services.

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Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

Pam Webber, CMO, 99 Designs

Diego Lomanto, CMO, Talent Inc.


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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