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TV, radio, and outdoor are no longer the core concern for today’s marketers; it’s all about Facebook, YouTube, email and other digital channels within your smartphones. More importantly, marketing in the 21st century means figuring out how to get your targeted audience to engage and interact with you online. Enter marketing automation which has become essential in identifying, qualifying, converting, and growing customers.

Yet, despite the proven value with marketing automation, only 5 percent of businesses are using it to their advantage. Why is the adoption rate so low? In VB’a Insight report on marketing automation — based on data collected from 243 marketing automation users — we highlighted the concerns marketers had with the practice, along with the success stories achieved as well.

While brands and organizations may be in the dark about the ROI of marketing automation — making them hesitant to invest in it — the majority of marketers in our survey resoundingly agreed that marketing automation was worth every penny, with only 11 percent saying it was too expensive.

Digging deeper in our report, leads and conversions were two of the most important and measurable benefits of marketing automation. 80 percent of MAP (marketing automation platform) users saw their numbers of leads increase, with 65 percent reporting a 10 percent increase, while 12 percent reported an increase of 50 percent. For conversions, 77 percent said they increased, with 24 percent reporting an increase of 20 percent or more.

Based on these numbers, it’s clear that the companies investing in marketing automation are getting their money’s worth.

Then why are most companies moving at a snail-like pace in adapting marketing automation for their business? Taking your first step in marketing automation can be intimidating with over 200 vendors to choose from — 40 of which will likely matter — and each one having their own mix of confusing features and functionality to understand. In our survey, understanding the differences in functionality between vendors was considered to be the single greatest challenge MAP users were faced with.

Adoption issues are also apparent, as 71 percent of current MA users reported delays in getting the results from their MAPs, with lack of resources and necessary skills being the most common challenges. However, 29 percent of users reported no delays, indicating they were well prepared in adopting the new tool.

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Andrew Jones, VB Insight Analyst, VentureBeat

Gina Kilby, Sr. Digital Marketing Director, Stonyfield

Doug Jones, VP global marketing & technology, Precor


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat