The biggest return in 2015 isn’t a Jedi … it’s The King of All Cosmos!

Publisher Bandai Namco is bringing us another Katamari game — only this time it’s for your smartphones and tablets. The company announced Tap My Katamari earlier this week at the Jump Festa event in Japan. It is most likely a port of Touch My Katamari, which debuted for the PlayStation Vita in 2011. From early videos, it looks like this version adds some 2D puzzle elements on top of the 3D roll-over-and-pick-up-trash gameplay we originally got on PlayStation 2. It is coming “soon” to both Android and iOS.

In recent months, Bandai Namco has increasingly looked back at its catalog of games for new releases. This includes working with Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale to publish an updated Pac-Man game for mobile — although this release is probably not part of that initiative.

Bandai Namco released a trailer of the game, and you can watch it below:

Katmari is a classic and beloved franchise at this point. It was the kind of game that most people assumed would never find an audience in the West. That’s because it is a weird, zen-like experience where picking up trash is competitive but also super-relaxing and rewarding on its own.

But Katamari Damacy, which debuted in North America in 2004, did find a fan base. That’s because it is a truly excellent game with one hell of a sound track. It has since spawned a number of sequels — although Bandai Namco has slowed down on supporting the game both in the West and in Japan.