On Monday, a blog post popped up on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign site.

“7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela,” announced the headline.

It’s a tired recipe scraped from the bottom of Buzzfeed’s barrel listicle: a GIF, some sentence fragments in bold 72-point font, and a third-grade reading level. The point is as dumb as it is harmless: Hillary Clinton is nice. Hillary Clinton is a grandmother. Hillary Clinton is a nice grandmother to her nice grandchild and thinks it’s very nice that another grandchild is on the way.

This blog post could have flown under the radar if it weren’t for all the cringe-worthy Español forced in.

But we’re talking about Twitter here, the Internet’s grand blast furnace. Using a pointed hashtrag, Latino users began pointing out the many ways that Hillary Clinton is #NotMyAbuela.

They range from touching to hilarious to third-degree-burn inducing:



In fairness to Hillary, pretty much everybody has been pandering for the Latino vote with varying degrees of success. Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S. and have the numbers to tip the scale in the 2016 election.

But it’s not all bad. Hillary has accrued some serious endorsements from the Latino community. But this tweet sums it up nicely: