How many points is “derivative” worth in Scrabble?

Microsoft Casual Games announced today that its next title will be Microsoft Ultimate Word Games, which is similar to the popular board game (and/or the mobile hit Words With Friends).  This was actually the result of a community vote, which gave people other exciting choices like Microsoft Chess, Microsoft Hearts, and Bust-A-Move … I mean, Microsoft Bubble. Microsoft Casino Collection was also in the running, leaving experts and future gaming historians with a “what could have been” on the same level as Sonic Xtreme and Mega Man Legends 3.

Anyone with a Microsoft account can join a special site and help Microsoft design their word game. Maybe you can suggest crazy features like letter multipliers or — if you dare — triple word scores.

Correction, 3:33 p.m. Pacific: Changed Microsoft Puzzle to Microsoft Bubble in the second paragraph.

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