It’s one of the most effective tools in the marketer’s toolbox, but thousands keep making critical errors and losing out — especially in a mobile-first world. Join our live webinar and learn from proven experts why your email campaigns may be failing to live up to their massive potential — and what to do about it. 

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With the average email user estimated to have over 8,000 messages in their inboxes, it’s never been more crucial for marketers to nail down their email marketing strategy. Even committing one marketing sin could push your clients to unsubscribe, and when you’re expected to lose 30 percent of email subscribers every year, you really don’t need that percentage to go up.

Sure, there are the casual mistakes like misspellings or poorly-placed graphics, or the obvious ones like too-little-too-late notifications on a timed deal. Any of these can destroy your impression as an authority figure in the eyes of your clients. Then there’s overhyping your subject line with a clickbait headline more suited for BuzzFeed which will ruin any sense of trust you may have established — or were hoping to establish with your audience –and make them click the unsubscribe button.

But ignoring critical behavioral data may be the most grievous error when it is so readily available. It can result in offers that lack apparent value to your audience, not enough focus on the customer and their specific needs and wants, batch-and-blast emails that appear to be coming from a no-name, “no-reply” sender rather than sounding like they’re coming from a real human being ready for interaction. And, as 2016 kicks off, is your email strategy optimized for mobile-first consumers?

If you’re struggling to keep a healthy number of email subscribers, than this webinar is for you. Join Yummly COO Brian Witlin and Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant at Kahuna, as they share five significant ways you can increase email engagement through mobile behavioral data. Learn how to keep your email subscribers happy by delivering content that keeps them hooked.

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After this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Create email campaigns that incorporate cross-channel behavioral data
  • Understand the role of email in a holistic omnichannel experience with push, in-app, and more
  • Know how intelligent communication plays a crucial part in each customer’s individual journey


Brian Witlin, COO, Yummly

Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant, Kahuna


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

More speakers to be announced soon!

 This webinar is sponsored by Kahuna.