The best way to bond with long-distance friends isn’t writing letters or talking on the phone. It’s blowing the hell out of stuff.

Thankfully, the Just Cause Multiplayer modding team that built the JC2-MP mod (and isn’t associated with official development) for the last game is back and ready to deliver a similar experience for Just Cause 3. Publisher Square Enix and developer Avalanche Studios launched the open-world action game earlier this month (read our review) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. But it was missing real multiplayer features. But that’s where the community has stepped in to fill in the gaps and save the day.

The Just Cause Multiplayer team is a group of fans who have built multiplayer support for previous entries in this series. And today, to celebrate the coming new year, they have released an earlier look at what they’ve created.

Watch as companions bond over fire and danger and death:

The Just Cause Multiplayer squad hasn’t provided any other details about when we can expect the mod, but it is clearly making a serious amount of progress. This is especially encouraging when you look back and realize that the JC2-MP mod didn’t come out until 2012, which is two years after its 2010 release date. We’re only a month from the debut of Just Cause 3, so we should have multiplayer in a much more reasonable amount of time this go around.