The Xbox One controller is a great device, but many people hate fussing with AA batteries and others hate having to wait an hour or so for a battery pack to charge. Well, one company claims to have a solution that could solve both of those problems.

Performance Design Products claims that its new Xbox One battery pack can fully charge in 60 seconds (via WinBeta). PDP says that you can get up to go to the bathroom, plug in your dead gamepad, and by the time that you get back (please wash your hands), you’ll have a controller that’s ready to last another 12 hours. If we were still in the 1990s, here is where I would make a reference to Tim Allen and “more power.” Instead, I’ll simply point out that charging something that fast sounds scary — although that’s probably just because I fear change.

PDP promises to show off more of the charging kit at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which kicks off next week. Hopefully, that will lead to us getting some pertinent details like price, release date, and whether we’ll need a radiation suit to have this in our homes.

For now, this sounds like a potential dream product if it delivers as advertised. The only visible drawback at this point is that the battery pack that plugs into the Xbox One controller looks bulky. It has a huge, square fin that hangs off the back and in between where the fingers of your two hands would rest. But of course, we’ll have to try this out to know if that is truly annoying.

Until then — I guess I’ll make another run to CVS for some AAs.