Giant touchscreen displays may be getting more practical. We’ve seen them every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and this year is no different.

Cima NanoTech says it has just the tech for large touchscreen displays with its Sante technology, which will be on display at the 2016 International CES in Las Vegas next week.

Cima NanoTech said its Sante ProTouch module makes the screens bigger, faster, and more affordable. You can use them as creative easels, interactive coffee tables, classroom whiteboards, or conference room displays. You can play games like air hockey or just doodle.

The company will show a 65-inch interactive whiteboard, a 55-inch interactive digital sign, a 40-inch interactive tabletop, and a 40-inch interactive digital sign. The frame rate is 120 frames per second and the response time is 6 milliseconds. It allows for up to 32 points of multi-touch at the same time, for greater collaboration among multiple people.

The tech uses self-assembling nanoparticle technology, which can be used in a wide variety of markets. Cima Touch is a joint venture of Cima NanoTech and manufacturer Foxconn. The companies say they can make the big touchscreens in high volumes. No word on pricing yet.

“Our technology is backed by more than a decade of R&D and we are now at the exciting stage of commercializing new, innovative products with key partners in the industry,” said Jon Brodd, CEO of Cima NanoTech, in a statement. “With our unique Sante technology, our partners are able to offer the most innovative touch screens in the market at a highly competitive price point.”

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