You’ve got to love the Fallout 4 modding community.

Really Useful Fallout is a strangely creepy new mod for the hit post-apocalyptic role-playing game. It replaces a ton of objects and characters with models of Thomas the Tank Engine, the beloved star of numerous kids books and cartoons. Modder Trainwiz has also changed many of the in-game sounds into “horrifying, echoing train whistles” to complete the mood.

It’s pretty surreal stuff, and it showcases the often offbeat creativity of the modding community. Only PC gamers get to mess around with Fallout 4 mods right now, but publisher Bethesda Game Studios is bringing the ability to use mods to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 further down the line.

In this instance, Trainwiz has even created a musical trailer for his mod, which might just convince you to add Thomas to your own game.

“I’m sure you have, just like me, sat near your fireplace at some point, sipped tea, and ate a small animal and said to yourself, ‘Why has nobody put Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4 yet?’” says Trainwiz. “I mean, he clearly fits in every possible way!”

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