Is there a modern device that isn’t capable of running Pac-Man?

While you ponder that question, I can at least tell you about one wearable that definitely can … and it doesn’t even have a screen.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has ported their classic game over to the Moff Band, a screenless, kid-centric wrist wearable that relies on sound and movement for input and output. Kids will be able to control Pac-Man, which will appear on a mobile phone device, via movement detected by the Moff Band.

The game is officially titled Pac-Man Powered by Moff, though there’s no word of a release date or price. Still, it’s a noteworthy project, considering Bandai Namco Entertainment made an investment in Moff in September 2015, after Moff completed a successful Kickstarter campaign that launched the product in Japan and the U.S.