Double Fine Productions’ cult psychological game Psychonauts will have a sequel.

The company posted the follow-up game on Fig with a funding goal of $3.3 million, which it surpassed earlier today. The studio estimated the total development cost of the sequel will run between $10 million and $13.5 million, of which the Fig funding will be a part.

Psychonauts was released in 2005, and despite a rocky start, gradually gained a cult audience. It followed the adventures of Raz, the wannabe psychic spy, as he explored the inside of others’ heads. In the first five years, the game sold less than half a million copies. In the five years that followed, it racked up another 1.2 million sales.

Psychonauts 2

In Psychonauts 2, Raz gets to visit Psychonaut headquarters, but quickly realizes folks are in trouble and need his help. He’ll have to wait a bit longer for his chance to peek inside more people’s heads, however; the sequel will launch in 2018. Most of the original development team will be returning for this project.

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