Updated at 1 p.m. PST: After a hiccup, it looks like Xbox Live, Bing, and the rest are coming back online. Microsoft has told GamesBeat that services have returned to normal.

Microsoft’s servers aren’t functioning like normal, and it’s causing problems for a number of its services.

People on social media are complaining that they cannot access Xbox Live, Bing, and other Microsoft online services. We’ve tried booting up our Xbox One and accessing Outlook and Bing, and all of these are giving us connection errors.

“Some customers may have experienced delays accessing some services,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement provided to GamesBeat. “And we’re looking into this.”

For now, the company’s status page for services like Xbox Live are not indicating any problems.

Affected Microsoft features and sites include the following:

  • Xbox Live
  • Outlook
  • Office365
  • Bing

These services are all at least having intermittent issues that are preventing some people from logging in or even loading up certain sites at all.