Apple released its latest iOS developer-only preview today, introducing a feature called Night Shift that “automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum.” Apple says its goal is to make your screen feel “easier on your eyes” at night.

If the feature sounds familiar, that’s because Apple isn’t first to the punch on this one; Night Shift sounds just like F.lux, an app that’s long existed to adjust your screen’s “eerie blue glow” when the sun goes down. Funny enough, F.lux has attempted (and failed) to launch on the iPhone numerous times, saying “currently, iOS does not allow developers to access the Private APIs we need to make F.lux work on iOS.” This isn’t the first time Apple has seemingly integrated popular third-party services directly into its operating systems.

Apple’s Night Shift is available now to developers on iOS 9.3. It should make its way to consumers soon. We’ve reached out to F.lux, which says its technology is “patent pending,” for comment on the news.