After taking a month off from major upgrades and changes, Microsoft is getting back to adding features to its home console.

Xbox One should soon get an option to let you see who is in an online multiplayer party before you join it — a feature that the system lost when Microsoft launched the New Xbox One Experience in November. A party is a game agnostic lobby where players can get together to talk and plan gaming sessions. And many people want the option to see who is in a party before joining since they may want to play with some friends or strangers and not others.

Last week, Xbox program management boss Mike Ybarra shared a video on Twitter where he tested out the returning feature. Microsoft hasn’t said when it will make this option live for everyone, but it is likely we’ll see it in an upcoming monthly updates.

Check out Ybarra’s tweet to see how you can check a party before joining it:

Microsoft has established a strong reputation this generation for listening to fans and implementing changes to the Xbox One based on that feedback. This new party feature would hold with that as many gamers have asked for this functionality since the New Xbox One Experience launched in November. This is actually the most requested feature on Microsoft’s “User Voice” website in the “Friends, Parties, Profile, & Activity Feed” section.

Since launching Xbox One in November 2013, Microsoft has worked to provide substantial update on a monthly basis usually with the exception of December. And it looks like it is going to keep that trend going this year as well. It has already released a small update this month that fixes some bugs, and it has also quietly updated its Xbox 360 backward compatibility to run games better than before. But, looking at the User Voice forum, you can see that Xbox One owners still want a lot more. We’ll see if Microsoft gets around to enabling Kinect hand gestures, infrared pairing for controllers, and fixing the way the B button works for navigating menus.