Gamers are having difficulty getting online to play games with friends on Xbox One, and that’s ruining one rapper’s day.

Xbox Live is down for some players today. The service is preventing people from using matchmaking, cloud storage, and social features, according to an update on the Xbox Live status page. This isn’t a full outage, since users aren’t encountering errors when they go to log into Xbox Live or to boot up a game, but it is still interfering with how many normally play.

If you are wondering how gamers feel about this, here is international recording artist Snoop Dogg letting out his feelings on Instagram (warning, this isn’t suitable for work):

This isn’t a major outage, but it is another example of how gaming networks have a tendency to break. Xbox Live went offline several times in 2015, and the outages always caused a lot of frustration for gamers. But Microsoft has company in causing misery. Sony’s PlayStation Network experienced connectivity issues at least as often as Xbox Live.