Hardware is going through the first phase of a shift from desktops and smartphones to, maybe, virtual and augmented reality. And Microsoft wants to help developers get involved as soon as possible.

With the goal of bringing in more developers to work on its augmented reality HoloLens headset, Microsoft has a new video that should help designers and engineers understand the knowledge they’ll need before starting a project with the futuristic device. Augmented reality — often referred to as “mixed reality” — is a process that combines digital imagery with the real world. This enables HoloLens wearers to interact with important apps, software, and tools while also simultaneously having the freedom to walk around and work with others.

But a shift in technology will mean that some old ideas won’t work anymore. That might have some developers wondering what skills they should know or rely on when planning a project for HoloLens. Well, here is Microsoft’s answer:

Here’s a list of programming languages and other tools that developers list as helpful for developing HoloLens software:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Unity

If you have “a little bit of experience” with the above is a great start, according to one of the app developers in the video. And before you know it, maybe you’ll have something like the following: