Before Microsoft spent $2.5 billion to buy Minecraft developer Mojang, the studio dabbled in working as a third-party publisher. Those efforts have led to the Xbox One getting a new game.

Cobalt, a multiplayer action game from developer Oxeye Game Studio, hits Xbox One and PC on February 2 for $20 through the Xbox Store. Cobalt puts players in control of a space-traveling robot who likes to shoot his way through most situations. And while this probably won’t in any way justify spending $2.5 billion on Mojang, Cobalt will at least give Xbox One one more game in its library as it continues trying to woo customers away from choosing the top-selling PlayStation 4 console.

Cobalt is a side-scroller where more than one person can play. A lot of the action focuses on slowing down time and picking up various weapons for different occasions.

Check it out in action below:

In a blog post on Mojang’s website, the company explains that Cobalt comes with a massive campaign. The publisher estimates it will take most people around 8 hours to complete. And not all of that time will go to the standard combat action — Oxeye has included dancing minigames, tameable pets, and more.

And when you finish the campaign, you can take it online. Cobalt has a “future sport” where you need to throw a plug into an opponents goal. It also has a deathmatch and more.

Finally, on top of everything, Microsoft is also going to let Mojang publish the game on Steam. On that service, it will have Workshop support, so expect lots of mods and more.