All good things come to an end, I guess.

Nintendo is adding the final new weapon to its colorful third-person shooter Splatoon tomorrow. The Custom Hydra Splatling looks like a paint-filled minigun, and it’ll bring the total of number of weapons in the game to 74 (including three unlocked with Amiibo figure challenges). After that, we’re not getting any more, according to a tweet from Nintendo of America.

Nintendo has done a great job of adding fresh content to Splatoon since its launch last May, adding new weapons, game modes, and stages to the mix. It’s been rewarded with solid sales of the new IP, including a million copies sold during its first month alone.

Fans of the game are understandably upset with this announcement, but it is rare for multiplayer games to get as much love over time as Nintendo has shown with all the free Splatoon content.

It’s unclear whether the end of new weapons in the game also marks the end of other additional content, and we’ve reached out to Nintendo to ask for clarification.

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