Final Fantasy’s Lightning isn’t the only video game character to get involved with the world of fashion.

Waluigi, the purple-clothed deviant of the Mario world, has become a new model for Calvin Klein. Soon, you’ll see Waluigi’s majestic face and chiseled body covering the world in ads like the one below.

Waluigi is the total package.

Above: Waluigi is the total package.

Image Credit: GamesBeat/Jeff Grubb

We got the chance to talk with Waluigi about his emergence in the bold universe of underwear modeling. He shared fascinating insights with us about his goals, all while revealing a rare glimpse into the man behind the needle-pointed mustache.

GamesBeat: How do you feel being an ambassador for Calvin Klein?

Waluigi: WAAAAA!!

So majestic.

Above: So majestic.

Image Credit: GamesBeat/Jeff Grubb

GamesBeat: You are known as a fierce competitor in racing, tennis, and golf. Do you plan to bring that same tenacity to the world of fashion?


His responses to the rest of our questions were pretty much the same, although we think that he might be secretly hinting at an appearance in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.