We’ve already got the first indie hit of 2016.

Boxing sim Punch Club has sold more than 100,000 copies across PC and iOS since its unusual Twitch-powered launch earlier this month, making over $1 million in the process. Publisher TinyBuild leveraged the Twitch Plays phenomenon to promote Punch Club, only releasing the game on Steam once viewers on the Twitch livestreaming site had collectively beaten it.

While some gamers embraced the unusual launch method, others complained that they couldn’t immediately play a game they’d pre-ordered in good faith. TinyBuild’s experiment has paid off handsomely, though, raising Punch Club’s profile in a crowded gaming market and helping to achieve strong sales within just 10 days.

TinyBuild now plans to release Punch Club on Android on January 28. It’s also planning to add a big content update at the end of February, which will expand the storyline of the game developed by Russian studio Lazy Bear Games.

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