Join us for Part 2 of this CMO webinar series where powerhouse mobile marketers from Gamestop, Playboy, and Tune walk you through the mobile must-have’s for 2016.

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After waving goodbye to 2015, it’s time for marketers to rethink their mobile marketing strategy for the new year. According to independent market research company eMarketer, the number of smartphone users will surpass 2 billion worldwide in 2016. With smartphone users set to dominate the landscape, marketers need to take a good look at their marketing strategy to see if they are well equipped to take advantage of these rising consumers.

It may be easy to think the strategies of the past will work again in the future, but any successful mobile company will tell you that is simply not the case. The mobile industry — and the tech industry as a whole — is anything but predictable. New tech related to how we engage and communicate online is always emerging; some lasting longer than others. Anyone unprepared in utilizing the latest, trending tools will find themselves kicked to the curb for companies already in the know. Worse, any marketer that fails to properly use the new mobile platforms on the horizon may lose their existing customers in the process. Don’t underestimate your audience; they can spot and drop a poser in minutes.

When rethinking your mobile marketing strategy, you’re bound to mull over countless questions concerning your targeted audience. Is what I’m offering my consumers relevant to their interests? Am I engaging with my audience at the most appropriate time? Why did this mobile ad fail? Why did this one succeed?

You and your company don’t have the luxury of spending hours deliberating over these important questions; you need to act fast before the competition has time to react. However, knee-jerk responses will only guarantee damaging results to your brand.

With all these risks and challenges ahead, how can mobile marketers successfully engage with the always-changing smartphone users of today? Two companies already ahead of the curve — iconic men’s magazine Playboy and popular game retailer Gamestop — have done their homework and are ready to share their insights with you. In this webinar, you’ll learn five essential mobile marketing tricks that will help kickstart your company into a successful new year.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Get five key tips to move the needle in your existing digital strategy
  • Learn what Gamestop and Playboy are doing to keep ahead of the competition
  • Discover new ways to engage with mobile customers (and some of them are surprisingly simple).


Robin Zucker, SVP Marketing, Digital Media, Playboy

Jason Allen, VP of Digital, Gamestop

John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, Tune


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

This webinar is sponsored by Tune.