Consider a strong poker hand, like a straight or a full house. Each card contributes to the power of the hand, making the outcome greater than its parts. So it is with convergence in marketing, where the fusion and interdependence of marketing tools, channels, media, and presence can spur company growth and success. You’ll hear a lot about convergence at the upcoming Marketing.FWD Summit, and that’s because when these forces align, good things happen.

Of course, you can’t go willy-nilly posting a video here, whooshing off a personalized email there — you’ve got to get savvy with the tech, with the offline-online bridging, with the big picture. That’s why we’ve got some big-picture convergence connoisseurs speaking at the Summit, like Dana Anderson, CMO at Mondeléz, Kristi Argyilan, SVP at Target, Leah Robert, EVP Marketing at Camuto Group and Andrea Ward, VP Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud. These virtuosos are going to explain how to orchestrate the top tech with all your various marketing efforts so everything makes music together.

Online and Offline: One Line?

Not long ago, the online and offline marketing worlds were thought to be light years apart. But for marketers, those worlds haven’t collided as much as coalesced. Think of the types of media a company might employ: paid media for things like ads, owned media for your own corporate content, and earned media, the organic support that comes from consistent content and strong messaging. Savvy marketers know that those areas aren’t separate divisions, but rather partners that can be used together to deepen brand impact.

Companies that are effectively working the room know you need to be where the buyer is, whether that’s someone who sees a billboard on their daily commute, sees every #newmarkting hashtag in his or her Twitter stream, or is offered a personalized web page served up by your filtered analytics. Convergence works to create a great user experience where your brand’s stories are told and shared, no matter if they are first heard on the radio or seen in a Periscope stream.

Deal ’Em!

The Marketing.FWD convergence chats are going to deal all the inbound-outbound cards in the deck: how content marketing can pair with search, how strong web presences/social media/PR can be three of a kind, how great storytelling is always an ace.

Bring lots of convergence chips to Marketing.FWD Summit — you’ll want to go all in. Secure your spot today!