Electronic Arts is reloading.

New Battlefield and Titanfall games are coming in the next fiscal year, EA chief executive Andrew Wilson said today in a conference call with analysts. That was the first glimpse of new games coming from EA, which beat earnings expectations in the most recent quarter and is a bellwether for the overall $90 billion game business.

Wilson said that in fiscal year 2017, EA expects to launch a “new Battlefield game from EA DICE in time for the holidays,” and a “new Titanfall experience.”

Battlefield is EA’s long-running first-person shooter modern-combat series, with billions of dollars in revenues generated throughout its history. The Titanfall game will be the first follow-up to the original from developer Respawn, which used EA to publish the original title in March 2014.

“It’s a little early to talk about Titanfall at this juncture,” Wilson said. “We have great faith in that team to deliver a spectacular game.”

Meanwhile, EA is launching Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst on May 24. Mass Effect: Andromeda is also launching in the next fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2017. EA is also launching Unravel, a realistic platform game on Feb. 9; Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 on Feb. 23; and EA Sports UFC 2 on March 15.


Above: Titanfall

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Correction, 10:26 p.m. Pacific: EA CEO Andrew Wilson said Battlefield, not Battlefront as we quoted, in the third paragraph. We regret the error and have corrected it.