Google has finally launched a native iOS app for AdWords, letting online marketers monitor and manage their online advertising campaigns on the move. Today’s launch comes almost a year after Google introduced the app for Android.

With AdWords for iOS, users can manage their allocated ad budgets and update their bids on keywords. They can also set up notifications and alerts, monitor click-through rates (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) performance, and even call a Google AdWords expert for advice through the app.

AdWords iOS

Above: AdWords iOS

It’s worth noting here that the app is only for those who are already set up with AdWords — you can’t sign up for the service here. Google already has an app for iOS specifically for AdWords Express, the automated version of Google’s online advertising product.

With Google going all-in on mobile advertising — that is, advertising optimized for mobile devices — it makes sense that advertisers are also able to manage their campaigns while on the go. And for many, this app has been a long time coming.