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Sometimes the best marketing strategy is the simplest and no campaign fits that motto better than good ‘ol email marketing. In our recent webinar, “5 ways to increase email engagement through mobile behavioral data”, we talked about how mobile is breathing new life to email marketing, as 70 percent of users now check their inboxes on their mobile devices. Customer sentiment has also changed dramatically over the years, as covered in the webinar, only 39 percent of users surveyed by Forrester in 2014 expressed being overwhelmed with email offers and promotions — a 10 percent drop from 2010!

Unfortunately, there are brands out there that neglect mobile behavioral data and miss out on potential user engagements that leads to growth.

During our webinar, Yummly COO Brian Witlin and Kahuna Strategic Services Consultant Doug Roberge educated the audience on how to use mobile to their advantage when conducting an email marketing campaign. Here are some of the fascinating points from the event.

Don’t assume device preference for accessing email

Desktop computers would have been the safe bet to make years ago for primary email device for users, but now consumers have shifted towards various mobile platforms. Based on data provided by Gartner, tablet sales in 2015 outpaced PC sales, and mobile device shipments are through the roof at 1.9 billion per year. Meanwhile, Gartner predicted declining PC sales from 2014 to 2015.

“We can’t assume that an email will only be opened on a PC anymore,” Roberge said. “Today, not supporting those mobile users — the lion share where people are opening email — is just about the worst customer experience you can deliver.”

Despite the importance of mobile, only 42 percent of marketers are regularly using responsive email templates to automatically render content to the user’s screen size. With responsive email generating a 21 percent higher click/open ratio than non-responsive email templates- – according to data by BizReport — there’s no excuse for marketers not using such a useful tool.

Personalized content gets results

For your promotional email to stand out amongst the crowd, you’ll need to personalize the content individually to the user. By just personalizing your email subject lines, users are 5-7x more likely to open your emails than with non-personalized ones.

When Yummly emails millions of personalized recipe recommendations to its users on Sundays, it results in a huge spike in usage for its app and website from people planning their week. Though the process is painstaking, the recipe recommendation emails are one of the most-opened emails from Yummly — and most importantly — drive traffic back to the site.

“If there are patterns you see in user behaviour that are happening globally,” Witlin said, “you can couple those with individual level data to have very useful and meaningful communication that people actually like.”

Timing is everything

It’s not just about knowing what your customer wants, but when they’ll be able to see it. Based on individual behavioral patterns, you can determine what day and time your audience are the most willing to read and engage with your content.

“What Kahuna does to enable this is create a HashMap at the backend of our platform for each customer,” Roberge said, “looking at the channels they’ve interacted with and at what time.”

“Based on the message you’re sending, the system will automatically deliver your message in the designated time window — an hour or four hours a day — when the user has in the past been most likely to engage with you.“

As Roberge explains, if the systems sees a user often engaging on a tablet at 8 p.m., Kahuna can target emails automatically to be delivered at that point in time; raising the chance of user engagement. “This is a big thing in terms of really supporting the individual that’s getting that email, and increasing your likelihood of being opened and engaged with.”

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Brian Witlin, COO, Yummly
Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant, Kahuna


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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