Before the release of the popular mindbending puzzle game The Witness last week, its developer tweeted something that looked like a jug of urine. This got the Internet riled up at the thought of a grown man evacuating his waste into a plastic container as opposed to a toilet built for humans. It turns out we may have gotten things wrong.

The Witness is bursting with secrets, and that includes the hidden area that contains the game’s credits as well as the aforementioned pissjug. If you’re worried about spoilers, I would stop now because we’re going to explain how to find them and what you’ll see when you do.

The video below has the full explanation, but if you’re only interested in the pissjug, jump ahead to about the 12:50 mark. Again, this is nothing but spoilers.

To get to the credits, you’ll need to go to the very beginning area. It’s easiest if you start a new game. The exit game for this garden has an environmental puzzle that will open an entrance to a hotel if you line up the sun with the edge of the gate.

Inside the hotel, you’ll find audio logs that credit everyone who worked on The Witness. You’ll also eventually get to an exit where your character wakes up and is in what looks like the development offices for studio Thekla that made the game. From here, we get a first-person video of a man waking up and removing an IV and stepping over a jug of urine.