A new age for Nintendo is about to begin.

The Japanese gaming giant announced today that its first mobile game, Miitomo, will launch on iOS and Android platforms this March. This is a big event for Nintendo, which hopes to make an impact in the $30 billion dollar mobile business with the help of its partner, Japanese mobile publisher DeNA. This is especially important as its newest console, the Wii U, continues to sell sluggishly. Nintendo’s move to mobile is part of a new initiative for the company that also includes a new system, the mysterious NX, and Universal theme park attractions based on its popular characters.

My Nintendo, a new rewards program and service, will launch with Miitomo in March. You can sign up for a new Nintendo Account on February 17, and Nintendo will then alert you as soon as Miitomo launches. Anyone who signs up for a Nintendo Account before the launch of the game will also receive a special bonus inside the app.

“Miitomo is a uniquely entertaining mobile experience that only Nintendo can deliver,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Featuring Mii characters, users will be able to interact with their friends in an entirely new way that transforms communication into a form of play.”

Nintendo plans to release five mobile games, including Miitomo, by the end of March 2017. Yesterday, the company revealed its holiday quarter earnings, which showed a profit despite missing expectations.