Don’t worry, no Bothans died to bring us this information.

Game publisher Bandai Namco has a list that reveals every location in the country, by state, where you can play Star Wars: Battle Pod. It’s an arcade shooting game that encloses the player inside a cockpit with a giant screen in front of them, creating an ideal experience for living out all of those Star Wars fantasies. Of course, while a lot of Star Wars fans want to play the game, it’s rather hard to find. Although Star Wars is as popular as ever, with The Force Awakens bringing in $900 million domestically, arcades are about as rare as Jedi were during the Empire’s reign these days.

That’s largely because the U.S. is well past the age of arcade dominance, an era that really ended in the country once home consoles caught up with the graphics of arcade machines at the turn of the century. The emergence of mobile gaming further made arcades a niche market. This creates a weird problem where arcades themselves aren’t really in fashion, but a lot of people still want to play this specific game.

Hopefully, Namco’s list will make doing just that easier for a lot of Star Wars fans.