Smart gardening startup Edyn announced today that it harvested a $2 million seed round. The Oakland, California-based startup also announced plans for an international expansion, starting with Japan.

Edyn built a smart gardening system that helps plant enthusiasts to “stay connected to [their] garden” by regularly monitoring the soil and water conditions, along with temperature and light exposure.

“I originally conceived of Edyn as a way to help farmers in Kenya grow their crops more efficiently through near real-time data analysis and recommendations,” said Edyn’s CEO and founder, Jason Aramburu.

“This expansion offers a tremendous opportunity to extend Edyn’s use commercially while maintaining its utility for consumer gardeners, as well as helping to reach sustainability on a local and global scale,” Aramburu added.

The startup showcased its water valve earlier this year at CES. Edyn’s newest product, the company said, “automatically gives your plants exactly the amount of water they need.”

Fenox Ventures led the investment. Idea Bulb Ventures, Morningside Group, and Indicator Ventures also participated.

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