Microsoft is giving all sort of goodies to anyone who buys the digital version of Quantum Break, a third-person shooter that allows the player to manipulate time.

Digitally preordering the title for Xbox One so will give you a free copy of the PC version of the game. Microsoft also revealed that the PC version will launch on April 5, the same day as the Xbox One release. Buying the Quantum Break Xbox One bundle will also net you that free PC code. This is one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives for the year, so it makes sense to see the company use it as a way to link its console with gaming on the Windows 10, which includes an Xbox app that connects users to the same account they use for their Xbox One.

It’s unusual to see this much connectivity between a console operating system and a PC one, but Microsoft seems determined to bolster its gaming presence on Windows 10. It’s using the Xbox brand to do that. PC gaming is popular, but these days competitive titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have the most players, while traditional, blockbuster (or as the game industry calls them, triple-A) experiences like Quantum Break have more of a home on consoles.

The generosity doesn’t end there. The Xbox One version will also come with Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, previous games from developer Remedy that originally launched on the Xbox 360. This is possible thanks to the Xbox One’s backward compatibility, one of its features that competitor PlayStation 4 (which outsells Microsoft’s system) doesn’t have.


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