Google doesn’t allow real-money gambling apps on its Google Play store. But Betcade is creating its own Android-based app store for real-money gambling. And today it is offering a first look at the user interface for that store.

Betcade, based in Pasadena, Calif., worked with Fantasy, an agency known for its user interface designs, to create the look and feel of its app store. That’s important because Betcade is trying to create an experience that encourages fans of real-money gambling to come back again and again.

The goal is to provide digital casino operators with a unified, branded destination for gaming app distribution and management, and players with a trusted source for gaming app discovery and downloads. Once players install Betcade, they can easily download unlimited apps on their devices, and updates and management are seamless. The store will feature in-app deposits to reduce consumer friction and provide a better user experience. Betcade will also address the complex issues of distribution, discovery, payment, and security.

The company plans to launch the app store on Android this year, but only in jurisdictions where it is legally permitted. Its first territory will be the U.K., which has decidedly laxer gambling laws than does the United States.

David Chang is Betcade’s founder and CEO. He was the former chief marketing officer and head of industry relations at Gamblit Gaming, a software development company focused on new technology for land-based and mobile gaming experiences.

“We selected Fantasy because a world class UX design is vital to delivering a best-in-class entertainment experience and an important step in our mission of creating a thriving and profitable ecosystem specifically created for Android players and where operators can succeed,” said Chang, in a statement.

David Chang, CEO of Betcade.

While Google doesn’t distribute real-money gambling apps, Apple does on its store. But Apple doesn’t provide rankings for them or promote them, which effectively hides them from its audience. Betcade plans to offer a better user experience with rankings, promotions, and curation.

Betcade was founded last year, and the Betcade store is expected to open in 2016.

Fantasy’s clients include Facebook, Metropolitan Museum, Comcast, ZenPayroll, Palo Alto Networks, Adobe, HP, 23andMe, Aruba Airlines, Saudia Airlines, Weather Channel, and MAC Cosmetics.