ARM is unveiling its real-time processor Cortex-R8 today in a bid to be the leader in next-generation storage and 5G LTE modem chips. Once these are out in the market, you’ll thank ARM for getting you faster access to your data when you’re on the run.

The ARM Cortex-R8 delivers twice the performance of the previous generation. It is targeted at LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G modems, as well as new storage devices. ARM designs chips that are commercialized by other chip makers, who manufacture and sell them to companies such as smartphone manufacturers.

Cambridge, England-based ARM’s Cortex processors are already used in all hard disk drives and solid-state drives on the market, said Chris Turner, director of advanced technology in ARM’s CPU Group. To date, more than 1.4 billion Cortex-R processors have shipped in storage products.

“This is the highest performance real-time core we produced to date,” Turner said. “Storage demands are increasing because of a fourfold increase in capacity, and that drives a 300 percent increase in operations.”

Meanwhile, ARM’s customers have already shipped 20 billion chips in cellular modems. The performance will be enough to handle faster 5G modems and other high-end real-time applications. The 5G modem wave is expected to start hitting around 2020, but preparations are underway now to create the products necessary to power it.