Zombies are out. But the apocalypse is still in. Fallout 4 won Game of the Year at the DICE Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars of gaming.

Bethesda Game Studios and parent ZeniMax shipped 12 million copies so far of Fallout 4, the blockbuster role-playing game for the PC and home consoles.

The DICE Awards are created by the industry peers who are members of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

“I want to thank you all for this award,” said Todd Howard, creative director at Bethesda Game Studios, maker of Fallout 4. “We cannot thank you enough for what this means to us, everybody at Bethesda and ZeniMax.”

Howard spoke on stage at the DICE Summit, the game event in Las Vegas, about the making of Fallout 4. He said that the game took four years to make with a team of 100 people.