Someone’s been striking the mobile forge for a nice profit.

InnoGames announced today that it achieved revenues of $111.14 million in 2015, a growth of 25 percent from 2014. InnoGames, which has offices in Hamburg and Dusseldorf, attributed the increase to its successful cross-platform strategy game Forge of Empires, which is available on mobile an browsers. It noted that revenues from just its mobile games was up 100 percent from 2014. InnoGames has a total of 150 million registered players worldwide. The mobile industry is worth $34.8 billion, according to market research Newzoo, and at a time when some mobile companies are struggling with growth, InnoGames is making headway.

Other notable InnoGames releases include Elvenar and Grepolis, which are both browser games.

“The significant increase in sales and our once again profitable balance sheet show that we are moving in the right direction with our mobile strategy,” chief financial officer Markus Lipp noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “We have several mobile titles in development, and are convinced that 2016 will be another highly profitable year in the books.”

InnoGames added that it plans to fill 50 jobs positions in 2016. It has over 400 employees.