BARCELONA, Spain — In a few minutes, Samsung will be huffing and puffing about its new Galaxy smartphones at its annual Unpacked press conference on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016.

But upon entering this city’s convention center (which apparently is largely unknown to most cab drivers, and don’t even get me started!), attendees were greeted with a Galaxy VR headset attached to each seat.

Rather than a conventional stage, Samsung has a theater-in-the-round thing. Except it’s square. Or maybe a Borg-like cube. Rebels!

It seems the first few minutes here in the theater we will be shown something in VR. Though it appears the phones and the smartwatches won’t be forgotten.

2016-02-21 18.38.32

I, for one, am eager to embrace our increasingly dork-like future. The Gear VR launched as a consumer product last November for $99. And if this doesn’t make yours truly look awesome, then all hope is lost for me!

Bow before my awesome nerdiness.

Above: Bow before my awesome nerdiness.

Image Credit: VentureBeat/Chris O'Brien


UPDATE: I am not amused.