BARCELONA ( By Eric Auchard, Reuters) — Ericsson and Amazon’s web services division (AWS) said on Monday they have agreed to a deal that allows Ericsson, the world’s leading maker of mobile network gear, to act as a bridge for its telecom operator customers to use public cloud services.

The pact is part of a broader push by Ericsson to move telecommunications service providers to adopt cloud services, instead of relying entirely on their own internal computer operations, to help them to run more efficient mobile services.

Ericsson will provide software that help telecom service providers to tap Amazon’s cloud services while allowing them to keep control over their customer data for localization requirements and preserve full data encryption.

No financial terms were disclosed.

In addition to software tools, Ericsson said it is creating a global team of experts in using the AWS Cloud.

The first customer of the alliance will be Telstra, the Australian telecommunications operator, they said.

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