Twitch shouldn’t be, well, twitching just yet, but another site wants a piece of that streaming pie.

DingIt, a global streaming site specializing in esports, noted today that it has an average of 20 million monthly viewers a year after its launch. Of course, it has a ways to go if it hopes to catch up with Twitch, the leading streaming site. Twitch has over 100 million viewers a month. Still, this is a good start for the U.K.-based DingIt, another company taking advantage of the growing esports market, which will hit $463 million this year and $1.1 billion by 2019, according to Newzoo. DingIt boasts on its site that it has the highest resolution and bit rates of any streaming site, with a delay of just four seconds.

“This first year has been nothing short of spectacular,” said Mark Hain, chief executive officer of DingIt, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “All our projections and expectations have been exceeded so we know there is a real demand for what DingIt offers. Most exciting of all is that we have been able to drive significant revenues from our global ad platform, proving that it is possible to deliver a quality esports experience and make the business side work too.”

During its first year, DingIt notes that it spent $400,000 on original content and acquiring the rights to stream third-party tournaments. All of DingIt’s viewers have watched a combined 743 years of content.