When she joined GrubHub as chief marketing officer nine months ago, Barbara Martin Coppola realized that building loyalty through mobile phones was one of the company’s most important mandates.

The vast majority of customers who use the $1.88 billion-valued food-ordering company — 90 percent of them — are repeat visitors. And the majority of orders — 60 percent — are made on mobile.

GrubHub CMO Barbara Martin Coppola

Above: GrubHub CMO Barbara Martin Coppola

Coppola has since gone to work figuring out how to maintain loyalty through the tiny real estate of the mobile phone, which turns out to be a very difficult thing to do.

We’re delighted to have Coppola join us as a speaker at the Mobile Summit on April 4-5 to talk about how she’s building what she calls an instantaneous feedback loop on mobile.

That loops starts with immediate communication with the customer at the moment of placing the order and continues through updates about when the food is arriving to requests for feedback after it was delivered. (Did it come on time? Was the customer happy?) The company has built a significant database from these interactions, which GrubHub is mining to ensure the design experience continues to improve, becoming more predictive of customers’ needs and preferences and more enjoyable for the customer.

Coppola will talk about how important food is to customers and why GrubHub pushes its mobile experience to inspire diners through rich visuals and social sharing.

An engineer by training, Coppola worked for Google for seven years before joining GrubHub.

Other speakers at Mobile Summit include leading executives from Google, LinkedIn, Pandora, Tinder, Touch of Modern, Freshdesk, and more. The event will take place at the scenic Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California.

We invite only 180 executives to the Summit (you can apply to attend here). The event is designed to be an intimate experience where executives exchange strategies around some of the hottest trends in mobile traction. The goal is to make the Summit the best insider event possible by keeping it free of pressures from vendors or platform owners. Instead, we invite leading brands and independent app owners to participate, with a careful eye to creating the best mix possible. Working sessions go into depth on important topics, and cocktail receptions make sure the networking juices flow.

Topics include the following:

  • User acquisition
  • Designing the user experience
  • Messaging and video
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Targeting your marketing
  • How to build your mobile marketing team
  • How to orient your entire organization around mobile
  • M-commerce and online-offline convergence
  • Nurturing existing users
  • Harnessing data for mobile engagement
  • Mobile advertising attribution
  • Predicting and measuring

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