Learn which marketing automation systems come out on top in our recent VB report covering the top 43 vendors — and hear how marketing leaders in the trenches are getting outstanding results with them.

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There’s no question that marketing automation systems get results.

In our recent VentureBeat report, Marketing automation: how to make the right buying decision (the first time), we found that 80 percent of surveyed marketing automation platform users said their leads increased, and 77 percent said their conversions increased.

Diving deeper into the numbers, 65 percent said their leads increased by 10 percent, while 12 percent said their leads increased by 50 percent or more.

Those are pretty compelling results. So, considering the proven effectiveness of marketing automations, why is it that only five percent of businesses are making great use out of it? That’s the real question that needs to be asked.

One reason is because the marketplace is filled with over 200 MAP vendors; making it hard to distinguish one from another. The overcrowded selections of MAP vendors is exactly why VentureBeat shortlisted 43 of the top vendors in the aforementioned report and compared and contrasted their features –making it easier to pick the right marketing automation system.

For marketing automation users, three things matter the most to them: user experience, integration capabilities, and ability to meet needs off the shelf. User experience overall ranked high for companies picking a marketing automation vendor – especially for companies in the revenue range of $25M-$100M. Surprisingly, money was not an object for companies choosing an appropriate vendor. Recognizing the value marketing automation brings, most companies were willing to pay premium prices for the software, such as businesses with a revenue of $500M and above.

It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for in a MAP, if you want to yield the best results for your business. 77 percent of users we surveyed said they used email marketing within marketing automation and do not use any other tool. 13 percent said they used a combination of their MAP and another tool for email marketing. 7 percent said they only used a different tool and not marketing automation, while the remaining 2 percent said they didn’t use this function.

Even though social media is still managed outside marketing automation, it’s one of the more common search filters used by new marketing automation prospects.

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  • Tim Parcell, VP of Experience Planning, Allen and Gerritsen
  • Steve Neely, CMO, Casino del Sol
  • Jason John, CMO, Publishing Clearing House
  • Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat