You can now share videos with your friends within Facebook’s Moments app. The company released an update today for the photo-sharing app today and said that in the coming weeks, it’ll launch an ability to include videos in Moments slideshows. The addition of video support comes as Facebook revealed more than 400 million photos have been shared through the app since its launch in June.

A standalone app, Facebook Moments syncs with your camera roll and uses face recognition and location to group photos together so you can share them with the right friends. So if you’re attending a party and everyone is taking pictures there, you won’t have to scramble to get your friends to share them later on — it just goes into Moments.


Created in Facebook’s Creative Labs, Facebook Moments has grown into a useful tool for sharing photos, especially among a group of friends. It simplifies mass sharing while leveraging the enormous power of its social graph. The company told us that out of the 400 million photos that have been shared in Moments to date, over 100 million came just in the past month.

Video support is available today on Facebook Moments’ iOS and Android apps.