Sony may have accidentally shared a few more details about one of 2016’s most anticipated games.

No Man’s Sky is $60, and Sony said it is coming out on Thursday, according to a new PlayStation blog post. The company has since updated that post and removed any reference to the science-fiction space-exploration game that simulates an entire galaxy. It’s possible — even likely — that one or both of these announcements are incorrect. We’ve asked Sony and developer Hello Games for a clarification about all this, and we’ll update this post with any new information.

No Man’s Sky is a major release with a lot of hype for its impressive technical capabilities. Hello Games, with just a crew of two dozen or so people, are using mathematical algorithms to create a universe that has several quintillion planets. It’s so big that the human race will likely never have enough time to explore it all. That has a lot of people wondering what it’s like to play No Man’s Sky, which has led to Hello’s game having a level of buzz that we typically only see for the biggest blockbusters, like Call of Duty, as opposed to an independent studio’s follow-up to a cartoon-like motorcycle game.

So far, Hello has never talked about the price for its open-world exploration game that simulates an entire universe. Additionally, both Sony and Hello have previously said that No Man’s Sky is coming in June. That makes it seem like the inclusion of the game in the PlayStation blog was meant as a placeholder that someone forgot to delete.

Here’s what the post originally looked like:

This information is probably not correct.

Above: This information is probably not correct.

Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

In addition to the PlayStation 4, No Man’s Sky is coming to Steam.