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It sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it: Create a positive experience for your user, and they find they kind of like you.

“If a customer has a good experience tied to saving money within the first seven days of engagement with us as a company, we know that we have created a fan,” says Marissa Tarelton, CMO of RetailMeNot, and one of our upcoming panelists. But, she warns: “After that positive experience though, you’re not done.”

The key is relevancy. You can’t just hit it and quit it — it’s essential to earn your place in your users’ hearts — over and over again. The secret, Tarelton says, is personalized offers and content that keep them coming back. The signals a user provides should become the foundation of your strategy, to set off a series of engagement triggers. Each point of contact should be focused on delivering messaging about how your app can add value to the user’s experience.

“We follow up with users to tell them about the additional ways they can engage with us,” Tarleton explains. “We might even offer exclusive offers, coupons, and discounts just for them as a way to keep them engaged and keep them loyal.”

Long-term user loyalty is earned by demonstrating that you really understand who your customer is, what they’re interested in, and what they want. It’s proving that you listen to their feedback, keep an eye on their preferences, and are constantly using that information to give them what they need and continue to develop new ways to surprise and delight.

But, Tarleton cautions, “There’s a really fine line between being personal and relevant and also being invasive. A lot of marketers are really overusing push notifications and a variety of different communications that really inundate and overwhelm their consumer.”

Here, too, user preferences need to play a significant role. “We look for signals based on what our consumers are wanting to hear from us,” Tarelton notes. “We also directly ask them what they want to hear from us as a starting point to determine the right mix.”

The RetailMeNot personalization toolkit is substantive and wide-ranging, from broadreach media all the way down to digital and CRM, and always based on user preferences first — but as the company continues to dig in to learn more about who their users really are, it continues to add more and more relevant, actionable data to the mix.

To learn more about how to leverage personalization through every stage of your customer’s lifecycle and more, join our panel of mobile powerhouses on our free upcoming webinar.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What combinations of push, in-app messages and email messaging convert casual users into fans
  • How to leverage personalization to add user value
  • How behavioral triggers should drive app messaging


  • Marissa Tarelton, CMO, RetailMeNot
  • Amanda Richardson, VP Product, Hotel Tonight
  • Yuri Moreira, CEO, Swaggr
  • Ehren Maedge, VP, MoEngage


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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