Jill Soley, VP of Marketing, Freshdesk

Above: Jill Soley, VP of marketing, Freshdesk

Jill Soley, VP of marketing at customer support software company Freshdesk, has joined us as one of our participants at the sixth annual VentureBeat Mobile Summit on April 4-5.

The event focuses on strategies business leaders are using to drive significant mobile growth. Executives will discuss the best practices for acquiring, engaging, and nurturing users.

One key theme is in-app messaging. App publishers need to be able to engage with their users immediately, foremost to make sure users get important questions answered. The vast majority of apps fail within the first week of launching, for lack of a good experience.

Freshdesk last week released a cutting-edge messaging service to help m-commerce companies upgrade their experience. A related revolution is about to happen in messaging apps proper (such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) that many expect to accelerate this year — indeed, as early as next month. That’s when users of massive messaging services will be able to correspond with businesses through dynamic chatbot services.

Jonathan Badeen, co-founder of Tinder

Above: Jonathan Badeen, cofounder, Tinder

Jerry Hum, CEO, Touch of Modern

Above: Jerry Hum, CEO, Touch of Modern

Other speakers at Mobile Summit include leading executives from Google, Tinder, Kik, Pandora, GrubHub, and Touch of Modern, plus more we’ll be announcing shortly. The event will take place at the scenic Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California.

GrubHub CMO Barbara Martin Coppola

Above: Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO, GrubHub

We invite only 180 executives to the Summit (you can apply to attend here). The Summit is designed to be an intimate experience where executives exchange strategies to address some of the hottest trends around mobile traction. The goal is to make the Summit the best insider event, free of influence from specific vendors or platform owners.

Leading vendors will be there, but we try to invite brands and other independent app owners to create the best mix possible.

Ethan Smith, Yummly

Above: Ethan Smith, VP of growth, Yummly

Working sessions go into depth on specific topic areas, and cocktail receptions make sure the networking juices flow.

Topics include the following:

  • User acquisition
  • Designing the user experience
  • Messaging and video
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Targeting your marketing
  • How to build your mobile marketing team
  • How to orient your entire organization around mobile
  • M-commerce and online-offline convergence
  • Nurturing existing users
  • Harnessing data for mobile engagement
  • Mobile advertising attribution
  • Predicting and measuring

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