ROI Influencer Media, a leading influencer media company working with Fortune 1000 brand marketers, and Predict Ventures, a holding company with a focus on the development of new data services, products and business processes, today announced a joint effort to bring scalability, standardization and transparency to the high-growth influencer marketing industry.

In partnership with Predict, ROI Influencer Media is building a new programmatic platform to allow advertisers to purchase native social media ads from influencers, leading to an automated influencer marketing process. Jeff Marcus, partner at Predict Ventures, will lead the ROI Influencer Media technology, data service and programmatic strategies.

Marcus is a media and technology veteran who previously served as CTO and architect of the original programmatic platform for 24/7 Real Media, now owned and used by WPP’s Xaxis. He was also an executive at DoubleClick prior to its acquisition by Google. Additionally, Marcus founded the streaming division at Mirror Image and is the founder and CEO of Sparkway, a leading custom software development company.

“The formation of a continuous 360-degree, data-driven approach to the customer relationship will position ROI Influencer Media as the leader for better targeting and engagement, while simplifying the process for brand marketers,” said Marcus.

Seth Kean, CEO of ROI Influencer Media, sees the value in combining the power of influencers with measured analytics, saying, “The influencer market will continue to best scale with a mix of large reach from the influencers and a new level of insights from real-time data. We’re excited about the potential to accelerate performance-driven influencer media buying through powerful data and programmatic techniques.”

Kean most recently was the senior vice president of sales for BrandEngage and myYearbook, with prior positions at Conde Nast and The Walt Disney Company.

About Predict Ventures

Predict Ventures operates Predict, a data consulting firm, comprised of experienced, senior-level executives with diverse skill sets in corporate strategy, data expertise, business development, programmatic architecture and specialized technology development and procurement. Predict Consulting quickly assesses, implements and activates programmatic and data-driven solutions for media industry clients.

Predict Ventures is also focusing on the deployment of data capital as a currency to invest in early-stage companies. For more information, visit

About ROI Influencer Media

ROI Influencer Media is a leading influencer marketing company working with both Fortune 1000 brand marketers and top influencers. The company focuses on Hollywood celebrities, athletes, vloggers, bloggers and social media all-stars. ROI Influencer Media delivers highly customized, scalable influencer media on the leading social platforms. For more information, visit

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