Robots look better in pink.

Nintendo revealed Kirby: Planet Robobot for the 3DS during its Direct stream today. The new title is a 2D platformer similar to other Kirby games like Triple Deluxe, which also came out for the 3DS. Planet Robobot will come out on June 10.

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, and his games have often been easier than, say, a Mario or Zelda experience. This had made him popular with younger gamers, although he still has plenty of older fans. The Kirby series has sold over 34 million games. New to this game, Kirby will be able to ride in robots that can also copy enemy abilities. Previously, Kirby has been able to ride animal friends. Planet Robobot will also with Team Kirby Clash, a four-player co-op game that lets friends battle enemies together. In this mode, players can earn experience points and level up.

Planet Robobot will also have Amiibo support, Nintendo’s toys-to-life initiative that allows players to receive benefits in Wii U and 3DS games by syncing their figures to the systems. Using the Mario one will give him the fire ability, and Link will let Kirby use his sword costume. Nintendo will also release a new line of Kirby Amiibos with the game on June 10, which will include Kirby himself, Metaknight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. Nintendo has sold over 31 million Amiibo so far.